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Samsung UN55D8000

SAMSUNG UN55D8000UN55D8000 Samsung compatible 3D structure of the LED flat panel TV. This is one of Samsung’s latest innovation. UN55D8000 Samsung 55-inch screen sports a huge, beautiful base, and can be on the walls in your home. Since the whole setting is very thin edge. UN55D8000 full load power than the previous model also provides C8000. Samsung has done more than expected to use a wide range of entertainment options of equipment, development significantly.

UN55D8000 Samsung uses a narrow frame, so it’s almost the width of a pencil is HB. Housing has a metallic finish. UN55D8000 will complete audience immersion. Metallic lace, acrylic around the entire frame. Metal is the collar, and coincidentally has four legs: the use of a, each side X – Large overhangs balance the two legs. Samsung lights, in the forefront of the smallest ring. Rotating position. UN55D8000 Samsung TV as a remote control to set itself the same thickness? One along the edge of the acrylic, the power button, volume control, as a control channel to manipulate the touch-sensitive control devices. HDMI output to a sports team flat back four, from USB, LAN port, a common audio and video input, provided.

Samsung UN55D8000 user access to applications, Samsung’s world, Internet content and online streaming. The VUDU, Netflix’s ®, Blockbuster ®, bit DailyMotion’s ®, PLUS ® gourd, ESPN, Yahoo ® ® user, you can use online applications. There is a device on the Ethernet jack for connection to the Internet. This set, unlike wireless C8000 – This option is enabled Wi-Fi Connection ®. Users, XBOX, games, TV box, satellite or cable set-top box connected, high-definition 3D format, you can watch all the TV 2D. For the network UN55D8000 content search, a search box to find content online.

Samsung has a really great photo UN55D8000. Pictures, 240 Hz refresh rate clearly causes bright, color technology and highly automated operation ®. Titanium brush sets are really great, deprive a compelling image of property. The Wi – Fi ® technology, connectivity is a great addition to this machine, the user can easily be expanded entertainment options through the Internet connection.

Samsung UN55D8000 lines, wide-screen flat-panel options at the top. Because of high prices than the small TV, which is more high-end models of some of the new models launched in 2011. However UN55D8000 options, some of the big picture is very impressive speech, sound, and no criticism. This is the first class, they are consumers who want all the technical ounces produced from the Samsung LED ideal selection.

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