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The new release Samsung Galaxy Tab 4G 10.1Inch Review

The new release Samsung Galaxy Tab 4G 10.1″ Review

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1Inch 4GSamsung Galaxy Tab 10.1Inch 4G LTE, which is to get the update, before going to celebrate Christmas like it in the summer when it is just a little one. Other bug fixes and fine tuning yet, please to the end user experience more enjoyable. Updates will be available on the radio or the radio, to provide connectivity issues 4G LTE. Such a nice connection with the Galaxy Tab 10.1 fickle, because I have an LTE-enabled tablet, this is good news.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 have memory 16Gb and 32Gb, in its current form was born, the answer was out in Article 2 of the sleek and thin iPad from Apple. Galaxy Tab 10.1 yuan was still on the market, not only could not compete because Samsung is back to square one and record time, proving that the beauty of the tablet. And it can compete.

Looks great with crisp bright Galaxy Tab 10.1 16GB, has a widescreen display, it rests in the body of an incredibly thin and light. Weighing less than a series of small tablets in this 10-inch tablet on the market, yet it is equipped with the latest version of Android 3.1 Honeycomb dual-core 1GHz processor yet.
Many tablet-specific Android apps are not there yet, in which it exists, find it so easy in the Android Market, but it is still part of the equipment should the Galaxy Tab 10.1 32GB.

Galaxy Tab 10.1 4G comes with a 10.1 inches screen, operates on the NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core processor 1GHz. 4G Android-based tablet, the user’s selection comes in bright white or metallic gray, even as the previously released versions of the device and, Wi users – you can connect to the Internet via Fi.
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1Inch 4G Verizon began offering pre-orders last Mon 4G-enabled Galaxy Tab 10.1. 32 gigabytes, while it holds for $ 629.99, the 16GB model will retail for $ 529.99. If the client connect to the LTE network of Verizon, they cost $ 30 for 2 GB that you must choose one of three Verizon’s data plan, $ 50, $ 80 per month, 5 GB of data usage Each ~ 10 GB.

Android-based tablet is probably the best in the market for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 16GB. Eric Franklin on CNET, the tablet is pointed out in his review as of this year, Samsung’s device “comes as close as a couple of applications, such as the Android tablet before it.” But with the help of 4G, Samsung are missing iPad 2, added an important feature for the tablet. Apple’s tablet at the moment Wi – enables 3G connectivity and Fi.

Still, Samsung Galaxy Tab is close enough to come to catch Apple tablet has a long way. Cupertino, CA-based company announced last week sold 925 iPad ten thousand in the third quarter.
Dispute, and shall extend beyond the borders of the United States. Samsung is launching this week suggests that the delayed version of the tablet down below, reports from Australia. However, Samsung is “to be released in the near future for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 Australian market,” said in a statement
However, the Galaxy Tab, has been used in these parts. 28 May 7, in stores Verizon Wireless, went to the Galaxy Tab 10.1 32Gb is sold in the U.S. 4G LTE.

At a rate similar to the Sprinter, the main draw of this slate, and it is how I focus most of this among my review. It is beautiful Galaxy tab, said: slim, sleek and smooth.

Side by side, reflecting the Toshiba Android tablet coming out of the review last week as I am overweight ugly brother. This is the tab of the galaxy and to thrive, however thick, in contrast, lacks such features as built-in USB and HDMI ports or full size SD card slot. Extra adapter is required to add such features. The iPad also lacks a built-in connectors.

As with the Galaxy Tab prosperity running the Android operating system platforms honeycomb for the tablet. It is a beautiful 10.1 inch widescreen display, adaptive five home screen panels, the front has a 2 megapixel camera with 3 megapixel camera with flash backwards. The browser can handle the site of Adobe Flash. You can buy or rent movies and TV shows through the Samsung Media Hub stores. Fight against Apple’s specs, the Galaxy is slightly lighter than the iPad, and weighs just over 1.25 pounds. It too has become a little thinner.

Of course, Apple has enormous benefits for all Android tablet apps available. Wi – Fi is out of reach again when Apple tablet, at least equal, breakneck speed with the latest mobile phones Verizon. Verizon is the customer’s LTE coverage area, you can take advantage of upload speeds of 2 to 5 Mbps download speed you expect 5 to 12 Mbps. I was in New York City and surrounding suburbs I tested, in some areas, I have consistently overcome them, please download the benchmark by a wide margin. Using the standard Ookla Speed ​​test.net I broke out with 29.0 Mbps downstream and 4.67 Mbps in the other direction.

These results, applications, resulting in faster downloads and smoother video playback faster browsing.
However, during my trip and I sneak in 3G areas often slow, sometimes it ends in the slot machine area. In my house, sometimes I, 4G little lower right corner of the screen showed that it was faster to take advantage of the machine network. However, sometimes it’s 4G indicator was to 3G.

For the record, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1Inch 4G  will be LTE will cover more than 160 million people, said to be available in 102 markets nationwide. At the end of the year, the total number of 175 market is expected to hit 185 million people.

If available, of course, Wi you can – you can tap-Fi. Or up to five Wi 3G 4G – Wi-Fi Device 10 – and allows you to connect compatible devices Fi, you can use the Tablet as a mobile hotspot.
Fast Galaxy, however, comes with an expensive trade-off.

$ 529.99 for 16 gigabytes, or $ 629.99 for 32 GB: There are first the price of hardware. (You can choose from metallic gray and white models.) Certainly, it is each of two applications with the same storage capacity (3G) is cheaper than the $ 100 model. However, the owner of the galaxy, you will need to sign up for a two-year mobile broadband data services. With 3G on the iPad, select the data plan and no penalties or long-term commitment, you can deselect.

Today, Verizon also 16 $ 499.99 – Wi-Fi of  Samsung Galaxy Tab only sells online. Verizon is, 2 GB of monthly data access, 5 GB is charged $ 80 $ 30 $ 50 and 10 GB. Overdose tax is $ 10 large per GB.

Battery life was found to be a big disappointment. Verizon has a vague claim of 12 hours was used in a single charge. However, while streaming video, I crank up my toughest test of the brightness level of about 75%, and mobile phones (some of my tests) Wi of – to use the connection Fi, I finally approaching a half hours.

Another similar test, (Wi – without turning on the Fi) gave similar results. After I got the low battery warning to keep a little juice left in it, I Narimasuremashita automatically dim the brightness of the movie when I saw in these experiments.

Indeed, it is frustrating. But you probably “normal” would fare much better use of. And if Android tablet on the market that you will be pressed to find a model with a combination of good looks and galaxy velocity tabs hard.

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