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Acoustic Guitar Manufacturers Ratings

acoustic guitarEpiphone: Owned by Gibson, Epiphone makes one of the best quality acoustic guitars. They are most noted for their products in the 0 range, though high-end guitars are their forte. Especially the PR4E, EJ200 or DR100 models. All have great materials and features.

Fender: Fender is a privately held guitar manufacturer in Arizona. Known for remaining privately held and holding to craftsmanship, Fender is an American guitar maker for American guitarists. The best guitar by Fender is Fender CD-100 which we recommend to buy. We give rating for 9 of ten.

Gibson: Gibson operates out of Nashville, Tennessee and encompasses several brands like Epiphone, Steinberger and Kalamazoo, to name a few. Also privately owned, Gibson is extremely well-known for high quality guitars like the Songwriter and the J160E. The average price range is around 00, so these are pretty much professional instruments for serious artists.

Ibanez: Ibanez is privately owned and operated in Japan. They were the first company to produce seven string models on a large-scale. Ibanez prides itself on creating guitars that anybody can afford. That results in a diverse selection ranging in price from 9 to 9.

Martin: The C.F. Martin Guitar Company has been owned and operated by the Martin family since 1833. Largely renowned for extremely high quality instruments, Martin has a reputation for high-end prices as well. The do, however, have a level of guitars at under 0 for the beginner. Their backpacker series is outstanding in design and sound quality.

Seagull: This Canadian guitar maker is a sub brand of Godin and they make acoustic guitars exclusively. All their instruments are hand crafted and are of the highest quality and workmanship. As far as price, Seagull targets the working musician. Seagull does have a few entries for the casual player, with the S6 and the Q1.

Takamine: Takamine is a Japanese guitar manufacturer. Known for very high quality and sound, yet affordable for the masses, Takamine is really the one for beginners everywhere, although they do make some higher-end models.

Taylor: Taylor Guitars has only been around since 1974, but they have made their mark on the industry in that short time. The company is privately held and owned by Bob Taylor. The quality in every guitar is unrivalled by any American luthier.

Yamaha: The same folks who bring us those fast little dirt bikes and crotch rockets also gives us a sweeter sound; the sound of guitar music. For about 9, a Yamaha acoustic guitar can grace your lap. Models like the CGS104A and F345 are among the more popular ones. Based in Japan, Yamaha Corporation excels in the areas of electronics and musical instrumentation.

If I were forced to choose between these guitar companies, I have to go with the one that caters to the beginner with a limited budget; Takamine. They have a plethora of affordable models and more advanced models when I improve my playing. For around 00, I could have the sound of a Martin at the price of a low-end Gibson. That’s value you cannot deny. Happy strumming!

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