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10 Top Tips for Network Marketing Part Time Business Survival

It’s tough going for Part Time Network Marketers. Believe me, I’m doing it. However these top 10 tips have really helped to smooth my path. I discovered that by big WHY wasn’t enough. There are much bigger challenges; learning new skills, a new mindset, work ethic and time management that will test you and if not tackled head on, can mean a slow agonizing death for your business particularly if it is a part time business.

The 10 Top Tips for the Survival of your Network Marketing Part Time Business

Shopping Guide

#1 Choose the Right Sponsor

Your sponsor shows you the ropes and mentors you so choose carefully. Make sure you can relate to them on a personal level and they’re on your wave length. Subscribe to their email list, interview them. It’s just as important for you to suss them out as it is for them to suss you out. Learn about their philosophy and approach to business. Take your time; you will know when the fit feels right.

#2 Find and Market to a Specific Niche

When I first joined my company I was asked to make a list of 200 people. Basically target everyone. As a part time network marker it’s not time efficient to call ‘everyone’ looking for that pearl in the oyster. For part time marketers this strategy is too unfocused and does not produce worthwhile results, and certainly doesn’t boost your self belief.

The trick is to be selective. Shop in a specialized boutique as opposed to a huge department store where it’s too hard to find what you want. Understand WHO your target market is and learn HOW best to attract them to you.

#3 Appreciate Growing your Business is a Process that requires patience.

Success is not something you pick up in a lucky dip. It’s a process, the result of proper planning and hard work. Success in Network Marketing is the same as in any other business. The more value you bring to the marketplace the more money you will make. Therefore, educate yourself, learn new skills, gain experience that will increase your value overtime, and then you will reap the rewards. Be patient!

#4 Don’t Measure Yourself against Established Full Time Marketers

It’s a trap to measure your progress with established and full time marketers. These people have been around longer than you and they have more time. Give yourself space to learn and grow as comparing yourself to others only leads to discouragement. Keep focused on the fact that it’s a process and others are further along than you. Have faith, you turn will come!

Avoid fluffing around doing busy stuff and letting work, family and other commitments get in the way, especially as a part time networker time is limited.

#5 Be Focused and Disciplined

Focus and be disciplined to get more done in less time. Avoid fluffing around doing busy stuff and letting work, family and other commitments get in the way, especially as a part timer, time is limited.

It’s a good idea to consult with your family and set a schedule. Dedicate a specific time, plan a set schedule and place to work and stick to it. Cut out busy activities like checking emails and other distractions.

#6 Leverage Technology

A very powerful leveraging tool you must use as a part time network marketer is the internet. Your marketing reach is global and you can fully leverage time and resources. This is one of the best moves I made. I became a member of a generic, complete training and marketing program. What a difference, it meant that I could truly take charge of moving my business forward. Well worth the small monthly fee!

#7 Leverage Your Money

Growing a business costs money and if it’s tight, spend smartly to get the most return on your investment. So, how do you spend smartly? I signed up with a big ticket company. My investment was big so I knew I couldn’t quit. Smart? Perhaps.! I was well positioned to make big commissions but I had no skills or money for marketing. The company offered a great training program but there are still skills you need to learn independently.

So based on my own experience, I recommend spending money on education and training to increase your value to others. If you’re on a budget a few inexpensive products worth their weight in gold are Mike Dillard’s ‘Building on a Budget’ or ‘Magnetic Sponsoring.” The complete education and marketing platform I use is also worth checking out.

#8 Don’t Do it By Yourself.

When you’re growing your network marketing part time business you need a sounding board and someone to help keep you motivated. Here are a few ideas:

· A friend or family member to keep you accountable

· Join a mastermind group to learn from and throw ideas around with

· Participate in social media and forums – it increases your visibility

· Outsource tasks eg. Article writing, blog posts

· Find a mentor to learn from and guide you

With isolation you risk frustration which leads to quitting. So get out there and connect with others.

#9 Work Smart not Hard

This is really important for the part time network marketer because your time is limited. Identify the tasks that will benefit your business most. Put simply, do the money making activities first.

Income producing activities to prioritize and do daily are:

· Building relationships

· Marketing and advertising

· Building an email list

These tasks are NOT negotiable.

#10 Be Consistent, Persistent and Never Quit

Follow these 10 Top Tips and it will happen. Remember it’s a process.

So, there you have it in a nut shell, the 10 tips for the survival of your network marketing part time business. Now get on with it, learn, implement what you’ve learned, lead and succeed.

10 Top Tips for Network Marketing Part Time Business Survival

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