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Best Hiking Boots – A Shopping Guide

In order to avoid the pain of foot blisters and aches when you’re on a long hike, it’s important to put some forethought into purchasing quality men’s hiking boots. Choosing boots based on looks or style isn’t the most effective way to ensure proper support; in fact, the process can require more trial and error than you might think. When it comes to hiking, having the right equipment (including your boots) is essential.

Consider the type of hike that you’ll be going on, as this will play a factor in helping you choose the best mens hiking boots. How much support your feet will require, and what kind of terrain you’ll be dealing with are two questions to keep in mind, as well as the weather that you’ll be hiking in.

Shopping Guide

No purchase should be complete without taking the time to try on your selected pair of boots. Take note of the flexibility that you feel when you walk in the boots, and ensure that your ankles are able to flex and bend with ease. The majority of men have the natural tendency to walk with their heel first.

Choosing a traditional, motion control style of hiking boots is a good option to best compliment the natural motion of walking. With a heavy, rigid structure, this variety of boot is sure to be very durable. Often, a man’s regular stride will have the tendency to slightly roll inward – something that these boots can help to correct. However, average or occasional hikers may find these boots to be too heavy or restrictive, rather than helpful in the long run.

For a greater range of flexibility and a more dense heel, stability boots are a good option. Particularly suited for longer hikes, these shoes are comfortable to wear and lighter on the feet. While motion control boots can be quite cumbersome, stability boots offer foot support without discomfort.

Another option included in the best hiking boots that is quite popular amongst hikers are cushioned shoes. They provide support for people who are walkers more than hikers, particularly those with higher foot arches. While they ultimately offer the least amount of support, cushioned shoes still offer a thick heel. Depending upon the type of hiking you’re doing, you may also find that they are more flexible as well.

Trail shoes are a great choice for people who are infrequent hikers, since they are very lightweight and easy to wear. While they have a rugged design, trail shoes offer comfortable, breathable construction. If your trips consist mostly of light backpacking or day hikes, they can be an excellent option.

Choosing the right size is critical, so be sure that you’re aware of how to international sizing works. You should be able to utilize a size chart that will match up the international size with the regular shoe measurement that you are most familiar with.

To ensure the continued comfort and durability of your boots, it’s important to take care of them over time. Waterproofing your boots is a smart step that will keep your feet dry and warm. If they do get wet, make sure to dry your boots slowly and keep them clean. These general tips will be applicable for most types of mens hiking boots out there. Knowing the guidelines to properly caring for your new boots is vital, since you’ll never know when you need to take action.

Besides helping you to appreciate and learn more about your environment, hiking is also a superb way to relax and energize your body. Take the time to make this hobby an enjoyable one by investing in a quality pair of hiking boots.

Best Hiking Boots – A Shopping Guide

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