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Cat Food Shopping Guide For A Happy Feline Friend

If you are a proud and happy owner of a cat or kitten then probably one of your major concerns is how to feed him correctly so that he grows up healthy and ready to play all day long. There are plenty of different brands of cat food available in the market and it can be a bit overwhelming to decide which one is the most suitable for your feline friend. Hopefully, after reading this article this task will seem much easier.

As you shop around for cat food, you should bear in mind that it needs to keep your cat healthy and full of energy. Your pet’s diet needs to be well balanced and varied in order to ensure that he receives all the vitamins, proteins, minerals and other nutrients he requires.

Shopping Guide

There are two main kinds of pet food: canned wet food or dry food. Cats and kittens usually prefer wet or soft food although vets tend to suggest that dry food is better. According to their professional view, wet food sticks to your cat’s teeth keeping them dirtier and it needs to be kept in a cool place so that it does not get rotten. However, as it has quite a strong smell, putting it in the fridge or a cupboard is not a good idea as its smell can invade whatever you have in your fridge or cupboard.

Now that you know that you should opt for dry cat food, you should pay attention to the label of ingredients listed in the package. Make sure that it lists vitamins C and E as preservatives as they have no negative secondary effects on your cat’s health and, in fact, are good for it. Check as well that no grains such as corn or maize are included as they may trigger allergies and are poor sources of protein. Meat should be the major ingredient.

It is also important that you pay attention to the manufacturing process. If the amount of humidity the food grains were exposed to was not correctly monitored with the aid of moisture sensors then you cannot be totally sure that your cat will find the food tasty and crunchy.

Do not forget as well to check if your cat suffers from any undergoing health condition that will make him need a special type of food. For instance, there are food manufacturers who produce food for cats that need to control their cholesterol or their blood pressure.

Cat Food Shopping Guide For A Happy Feline Friend

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