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All About Digital Atomic Wall Clocks

Atomic analog wall clock

Atomic analog wall clock

To those who think that all clocks are alike, it’s time to think again. Today, clocks do more than simply tell time; they are an expression of your personal style. Whether you’re in the market for a watches or wall clocks, alarm clocks or patio clocks, your choices have never been more varied. Here is an overview of the versatile world of timepieces.

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably experienced times when you’ve wondered whether the time on your watch, the clock in your car, or the alarm clock in your hotel room is running slow or fast. Perhaps the person you’re meeting at 3:00 hasn’t yet appeared, or you were surprised when you arrived at a meeting ten minutes after everyone else. While some of us always seem to run a bit early or late, the culprit is often the timepiece we use. When that’s the case, the best solution is to welcome atomic digital clocks into your life.

Digital atomic wall clocks give accurate time to within 2 nanoseconds per day. This level of accuracy has brought about the development of a universal time scale, known as UTC, which maintains continuous and stable time, even to adding the extra day in the calendar in a leap year. At one time, these clocks were only used in laboratories and were really expensive, but they are now available for use in homes and are reasonably priced.

Atomic Clocks

There are many different brand names of these atomic clocks, but they all have some common features. Along with showing the time, the display feature on the clock also shows the phases of the moon, the day and date and the temperature inside and outside the house. You won’t have to squint to read all this information as it is printed in 2-inch digits. The wireless transmitter inside the clock can detect the outdoor temperature from up to 330 feet away. You can also use this clock as an alarm clock and press the snooze button when you want an extra few minutes in the morning.

The clock itself is larger than a normal alarm clock – about 12 inches X 8 inches. You can easily read the digits on the clock from across the room. You can mount this type of clock on the wall, but it does have an integral folding mount so that it will stand on a shelf or table.

You can set the clock manually, but it has an automatic time setting feature to a WWVB radio signal. There is a choice of languages for the abbreviation for the month and the day and you have a choice in using a 12-hour or a 24-hour clock. All the time zone settings are available so you will always have the correct time wherever you are. The built-in antenna can pick up radio signals from 2000 miles away, so that this clock can be automatically calibrated in most of the US and Canada. You only need to insert the batteries, wait for the clock to receive the signal and then program the settings you want. If you are located farther than 2000 miles away from the WWVB radio signal, you will have to set the clock manually.

Atomic Clocks

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