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What Is The Best Hair Dryer?

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Hair drying

With so many types and even more brands on offer, deciding on what hair dryer to buy can be a difficult decision. If you want that salon perfect, shiny, smooth and healthy look with lots of body, you’re going to have to put some thought into the subject and do some research.

There are five main types of hair drier on the market today: traditional, ionic, ceramic, tourmaline and nano-silver. Quite frankly, don’t waste your money on a traditional appliance that comes with a metal heating coil, plastic casing and simple motor. These will certainly dry your hair but will also leave it feeling ‘frizzy’ and ‘blow dried’.

There are so many hair dryers in the market that often, we find it difficult to find out which one is the best. Is the price really such a big factor when picking out the right product? Or is it something that consumers can easily take for granted and still get the same results.

Whether the product is worth $30 or $300, buying it completely depends on you, but still, there are a few things to consider. In this article you will find some categories and characteristics that make a great hair dryer. Also the top selling hair dryer brands will be discussed in brief in order to give a clear idea of who are the top players in the market.

Hot – Smoking Hot!

When buying a hair dryer, you need to look into the heating process of the product. Most of the cheaper products in the market rely on plastic or metal heating elements. The heat from these materials are often very hard to control and can spike up so much that they leave the hair dry inside and out. Another disadvantage to plastic and metal heated hair dryers is that they can cause the hair to heat up too much causing the hair to get brittle and therefore increase the amount of breakage and damage.

Hair may indeed be composed of keratin cells, but it doesn’t mean that it will stand such abuse from overly heated hair styling tools. If you allow your hair to get damaged in that manner, you can be certain that no amount of conditioning can bring it back, you’ll just have to wait till you grow it back again.

High quality hair dryers on the other hand use much gentler heating materials and ceramic heated ones are the most popular. Some top of the line products like Chi, Sedu and Babybliss uses ceramic heating elements to produce heat. Ceramic heats evenly and releases moisture that results in hair that is shinier when it is dried out. A plus factor for ceramics is that they can be infused with other elements like tourmaline crystals that help improve results.

Another advantage that is often only found in high end hair dryers is the utilization of ionic drying. Ionic drying means that the tool is releasing negative ions that help keep the hair shiny and moisturized and also helps reduce hair frizz.

Other Factors that Weigh In

Other factors that should be considered when buying include:

The Wattage – ask your retailer how much electricity that the product will use, compare it with other products that are cheaper and much more expensive ones and see where you can save the most from your electric bill.

The Weight – bear the products weight in mind at all times when buying a hair dryer. Remember that you will be holding the item up in your hand for a very long time, a heavy product would cause you to get tired much faster.

The keywords to look out for are ‘negative ions’. Negative ions break down large water droplets into much smaller, micro-droplets. This has two benefits. First, drying hair is much quicker; meaning you hair is subjected less to damaging high temperatures. Second, the micro-droplets are easily absorbed into the hair shaft, which helps to hydrate your hair, leaving it shinier, smoother and healthier.

Nano-silver, ceramic, tourmaline and ionic hair dryers all emit negative ions. It’s common for two or three of these materials to be used in the components of a hair dryer. Therefore, make sure the appliance – whichever brand you choose – is one of these types.

By far the best way of deciding which brand and model is best for you, is by talking to friends and family. Find out what appliance works best for them and why. Talking to those you trust costs you nothing and you’ll get ‘real’ opinions and not the sales pitch of a company sales department.

After that, you should read reviews off the internet and in style magazines. Again, this advice is free and, especially on the internet, the opinions expressed are from real people. One word of caution: some reviews state that they were given a product to test by the manufacturer. Such reviews are universally favourable – wouldn’t you give a nice, glowing review if someone gave you something for free?

Talking to professionals is always a great idea. After all, they use hair dryers more than anybody else, and chances are, they’ve used dozens of different brands over the years. Don’t be afraid to ask them their opinion; most people love to be asked their opinion and like to give their opinion even more. Again, it’ll be honestly given with no sales pitch.

Oftentimes, demonstrations of beauty products are given freely by companies in department stores and shopping malls. Don’t be shy; go and get your hair done. Of course, they’ll try to sell you the product but you don’t have to buy on the spot. The really great advantage to this is that you actually get to see the results and can judge for yourself if your hair looks the way you want it to. Another great advantage is that the demonstrator will also be able to show how to use it.

Finally, decide on your budget and stick to it. You can get a very good but cheap hair dryer like a Conair Infiniti Hair Designer that can do just as good a job on your hair as a more expensive brand like the T3 Tourmaline Featherweight.

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